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  1. Chikaru-chan Jul 12, 2012

    Nice to see you here, animax007 ^^

  2. animax007 Jul 08, 2012

    hello friends^^
    i'm a new member here :)
    nice to meet u all

  3. Lunariha Mar 26, 2012

    Hi there Scarlet-san :)
    Sure you can join. Just click on the JOIN button in the slightly upper right part...that's located below the group icon.

  4. ScarletHibiki Mar 26, 2012

    can i join, pls? =)

  5. ToshiroBurrito Jan 16, 2012

    THANKS A LOT, Lunariha! :D :D

  6. Lunariha Jan 16, 2012

    TO ALL NEW MEMBERS, WELCOME to the group! :)
    Glad to have you guys here!

  7. ToshiroBurrito Jan 16, 2012

    Hiya! I'm here and I want to join :D

  8. Reikuclyne Dec 31, 2011

    hi to all :)

  9. takiuchi-airam123 Nov 08, 2011

    hi everyone! i'm new here and i really hope to join the group and join you guys....hope to be friends with you!

  10. guriya May 10, 2010

    hello ,
    can some body tell this,
    when next season of kinoro corda realese
    there is 2 episode ? just

    merged: 05-31-2010 ~ 08:59pm

  11. DragonBlossom25 Jan 11, 2010

    sorry. . busy lately.
    so i can't sharing the manga updates. gomen . .
    ::start searching::

    ahaha. . same with me, i can't read japannesse or chinesse too.
    but, i still like read the raws even i don't understand it.
    LOVE TSUKIMORI^KUN! hyahahahaha. . .

    merged: 04-24-2010 ~ 04:54am
    after 4 months since my latest post...
    i'm still alone in here... TT^TT

    ne... let's discuss about corda again.
    or about corda 3...

    24th April 2010... "my" Tsukimori's birthday, kyahhh! ::RUN::

  12. thingperson Nov 22, 2009

    Hey everyone I joined this group awhile ago and I just love this such its so sweet and all the guys are hottness..*smiles*.

    to DragonBlossom25 Oh your so sweet to post manga updates to bad I dont read japanese *sigh*..oh well at least the raw scans to me are pretty..*smiles*..thank you for sharing..*smiles*.

  13. DragonBlossom25 Sep 22, 2009

    again .... CHAP 61 !

    read in here ---- >
    and the cover in this chapter make me crazy.. TSUKIMORI SMILING ? Uahhh..

    errr... hello ? anybody here ?

  14. Sanisa Sep 16, 2009

    Nyayaya I love La Corde.
    Thank you that you have, you have so cool)))

  15. Lunariha Sep 12, 2009

    Hello to you sailor-san XD

  16. shizuneyuki8720 Sep 04, 2009

    im sailorangelmoon8720 and i love la corda!

  17. PinkRoseLacus Aug 16, 2009

    yeah. you go for it, Len! u and kaho are meant to be!

  18. DragonBlossom25 Jul 27, 2009

    Welcome to the group Faqir !

    And after waiting for 1 1/2 months, finally... CHAPTER 60 !
    you can read the chap in here -->
    enjoy ! ^u^
    Tsuchiura & Tsukimori, keep fighting to get hino, hohoho! Ganbatte, Tsukimori ! (LOVE!)

  19. Faqir Jun 23, 2009

    Hello there, fellow fans. :D As an introduction, here's a treat: XD

    enjoy it. :D link leads to the post in anime pictures dump. X-P
    ;) let me hear/read your thoughts. even if it's just "kyaa~" XD

  20. DragonBlossom25 May 15, 2009

    @ cutlia:

    yup yup!

    your welcome..! ^u^

    merged: 05-26-2009 ~ 06:52am
    CHAP 59! CHAP 59!

  21. CutLia May 08, 2009

    Thanks DB...^^

    Really? I'll check it now...
    Thanks for the information.. :)

  22. DragonBlossom25 May 08, 2009

    Welcome to the group, CutLia!

    hope you enjoy in this group!

    MINNA! CHAP 58 is finally out!
    HUWOOO! Tsukimori smiling to Hino! Ukh hino... so lucky..
    check in mangafox, it's already translate. Chap 57 too.

  23. CutLia May 06, 2009

    HI all!
    I'm Lia. I'm a new member in this group. I love la corda d'oro..
    Nice to meet you everyone!^^

  24. Syeni May 02, 2009

    I love la corda d'oro primo passo and secondo passo

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